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Deform and Reform of Spring Steel Alloy

Spring steel is hardened carbon steel which enables it to bend without deforming. Spring steel refers to steel that is specifically used to make springs and elastic products due to its elasticity in the quenched and tempered state.

But due to the hardening, it retains its form. The thing which makes steel springs springy is the heat treatment. If you want to bend it you have to heat it to a red glow when it will lose its hardness.  By cooling it slowly it will not harden again and you can treat it like any other common steel. So then you can deform it, reheat it and cool it down fast, dump it red hot in water or oil, which will harden it again. Then it will try to retain its form and be spring steel again. 

Spring steel has excellent overall properties:

According to performance requirements and conditions of use, Spring steel can be divided into ordinary alloy spring steel and special alloy spring steel. Spring steel has excellent metallurgical quality of high purity and uniformity, good surface texture, minimal surface defects, perfect shape and size. The elasticity of steel depends on its ability to plastically deform, the ability to elastically deform and withstand a certain pressure, and no permanent deformation occurs after the load is removed.

Spring steel has excellent comprehensive and mechanical properties, anti-ballistic, fatigue properties, hardenability, physical and chemical properties, heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc..

Spring steel wire is characterized by particular flexibility, good plasticity features, comparably high hardness as well as a remarkable fracture toughness and tensile strength. Ideal preconditions for producing springs for plenty of applications and strains. This final product might be impressive, but there might also be problems when processing spring steel due to its high abrasion tendency. From this, it follows that high-strength spring steel should be processed by using extremely wear-resistant tools, which stand up to these requirements.

When manufacturing spring steel, the technical requirements are relatively high, and the excellent technology directly determines the quality.

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