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Why is Hardened Spring Steel Known as ‘General Use’ Steel?

Spring steel is a steel alloy composed of medium to high quantity of carbon, sometimes alloyed with manganese, which is processed through heat and/or mechanical treatment. Spring steel is formulated specifically for its strength and elasticity.

The hardening and tempering treatment consists of heating the work-piece to an appropriate temperature, holding it for sufficient time and then rapidly quenching it in a suitable temperature, cooling the steel to obtain the hardened steel structure.

Reason for hardening spring steel:
The optimum combination of hardness, strength and toughness is developed in Spring steel strips by means of hardening and tempering. It has the unique ability to be formed, shaped, and post heat treated. These physical characteristics are what allow spring steel to be a ‘general use steel’.

Due to the hardening process the resultant spring steel structure is too hard and brittle to be machined. So they are then tempered to increase the firmness along with maintaining the required solidity and make the hardened steel strip machinable. This allows it to undergo significant deflection without permanent deformation. It is able to withstand considerable twisting or bending forces without any distortion and they will return to their original shape without suffering any deformation. This characteristic is defined as high yield strength and is the result of the specific composition and hardening of the steel alloy.

With its properties and unique characteristics, spring steel is used to manufacture objects like flat springs, blades and saws and for commercial applications such as washers, scrapers, saw blades, springs and antennas.

Steel Corporation manufacturer and exporter:
Steel Corporation is widely reckoned for decades as a leading manufacturer and exporter of spring steel strips all over  India. Steel Corporation has been known to assure customers superior quality standard hardened spring steel strips in multiple sectors.

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