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Steel Corporation India - Help to Your Steel requirement

The world of metal is penetrating like never before. The advancement and technology are days by day uprooting, replacing year’s old simple and ill-efficient ways to produce more yield.

To serve for Quality Steel in your next project, the Steel Corporation India is here since 1972. What we can do best for you is paramount important? We have come with credible products of hardened, annealed, and cold-rolled spring steel stripes and all related essentials.

Working on your need, and open-minded, we are with you to serve, like none other. As a Family owned business, we talk about your benefits and outcome. The superb quality steel products with caring customer services, applauded and cheered worldwide, Steel India Corporation is like ‘tip of Iceberg’ lot is beneath to discover. The Steel Spring Stripes made and supplied by the Steel Corporation has erected us as the leading supplier and stockist of steel stripes in India and offshore.  



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How could Steel Corp India help your Need?

The dilemma of choosing the type and grade of steel for your new project is like a demon in our mind. As the surveys and result shows the output of production in any mechanical unit depends upon the prescribed raw material, in this case, steel stripes.

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What metals!
And that to steel?

That total consumption per capita is merely 68 kg yearly, but we are targeting at 160kg per year till 2030 as the world averages at 208 kg now. In 2020, the demand is projected to grow 1% to 1,752 MT, the report said.

It is estimated that the growth in steel demand will be 7% in 2020, by world steel organizations.

 If you are well aware of the Steel stripe and their different applications, then we are done, we are giving you all the options and full elaborated pros and cones of Types of various steel forms like-

Hardened and Temptered Steel Strips in India

Hardened and Tempered Steel Strips

Cold rolled steel stripes are often used for making axels, machine parts, automotive components, and much more. Imagine if the crankshaft of a Formula 1 engine breaks, the race will be lost. That’s why engineers are smart people. Apart from that many furniture and home crafts are made of this grade which is available as grade C80 in our stock, any time, and any quantity required, at the experts like SM Creations ltd. In Mumbai.

Annealed Steel Strips Manufacturer in India

Annealed Spring Steel Strips C80 Grade

Annealed Spring Steel Stripes-(that is C80 grade) the main feature of all steel stripes mainly depends on the process of their making, in this case, it is cold annealed steel. Well, cold-rolled steel or spring steel is initially hot rolled steel stripes which are processed further. When hot steel is cooled at room temperature, it’s called `Annealing’ of steel.

Cold Rolled Steel Strips in India

Cold Rolled Medium Carbon Steel Strips

Hardened and tempered steel stripes- As the field of demand is soaring like storms, we are also encountered with more processed forms of steel which are more of higher uses than the regular. Here a new form the Hardened or tempered steel is made out of cold-rolled steel sheets. When heated and tempered by passing through heating and cooling furnaces, to attain greater strength properties for specifically required performances to coup acute pressure and bending capabilities. This is called hardened or tempered steel.

Steel Corporation

High Quality Solutions for all Industries

Can we help your age-old manufacturing problem in the steel industry? To have expert knowledge on steel stripes and steel Foil, stay on the page! Further, we are introducing you to meet Steel Corporation India a renowned brand of Steel spring Stripes and Foil maker since 1972.

Our client’s satisfactory level is the highest today, as they are getting a handsome supply of spring steel stripes at ground rates, throwing all competitors out of the park, and crowning the Steel India Corporation as the pioneer of spring Steel Stripes in India and the globally.

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Industrial Solutions

With 45+ years of experience, Steel Corporation India is proud to be one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Steel Strips in India and Worldwide.

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