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Grade C45, C 62, C75, and EN47  Annealed steel

So we are till now, very familiar with the annealed steel stripes of quality, given by the Steel Corporation of India for the long run, comfortably, and satisfying all the good old business traders and manufacturers with dignity and curious service skills. The market is always very dynamic, and we are also on feet ahead in introducing some superior grades of Annealed steel stripes as below-

Grades C45, C 62, C75, and EN47

These above-mentioned grades are not generally used in India, we don’t regularly stock it in quantity but are willingly ready to serve on specific customer requirements and requests. You are welcomed to contact us to know more about the minimum order quantity and specific lead time.

Grade -C45

This type C45 Grade is more popularly known as medium carbon steel stripe, in other words, cold-rolled steel stripe, which is more of the use in high toughness and low elasticity jobs for a handful of results. The small carbon traces enables this grade C45 to greater bending and forming work abilities.

Grade – C62

This grade is again a medium carbon steel stripe or cold rolled stripe. It has good fatigue and elasticity features but posts hardening and tempering. It resembles well with C65 and CK 67 grades in features.

Grade - C75

This type of grade is often referred to as steel spring stripe annealed, steel spring stripe unhardened, high carbon steel stripe, or cold-rolled steel stripes and are of great uses in spring and fasteners of various kind.

Grade – EN47

This grade of steel is also known by the nickname Chrome vanadium steel. This grade has unique good bending and forming characters which are of amorous uses. It is very reluctant to decarbonize and doesn’t show any distortion during high heat temperature conditions. EN47 is uncommonly used in India, and are keeping low stock ready, but if request is there for customized order, you are welcomed to contact us to know more about the minimum order quantity and specific lead time.


C-45 , C-62 , C-75 and EN-47 GRADES

This grade offers good bending and forming properties and is less sensitive to surface de-carburisation and resists distortion during heat treating. This grade of steel strips are not commonly used in India. Though we do not have this as a part of our inventory, but we do supply against specific requirements from customers. Minimum order quantity and lead time for delivery depends on size.


This grade of strip is used where toughness is required but elasticity is not important. Because of lower Carbon contents, it offers better forming and bending quality.


This grade offers reasonably good fatigue value and elastic limity after hardening and tempering and compares with C65, CK67 grades.


C75 Grade is known as known as Spring Steel Strip Annealed, Spring Steel Strip Unhardened, High Carbon Steel Strip or Cold Rolled Steel Strip.

c-45 0.40-0.50% 0.00-0.90% 0.10-0.35% 0.05%MAX 0.05%MAX
C-55 0.50-0.6% 0.00-0.90% 0.35% MAX 0.05%MAX 0.05%MAX
C-75 0.70-0.80% 0.00-0.90% 0.35% MAX 0.05%MAX 0.05%MAX
C-80 0.75-0.85% 0.00-0.90% 0.10-0.35% 0.05%MAX 0.05%MAX
50CrV4 0.45-0.55% 0.50-0.80% 0.10-0.35% 0.05%MAX 0.05%MAX 0.9-1.2% 0.1-1.2%
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