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Cold Rolled Steel Strips India Manufacturing Process

Cold Rolled Steel Strips

Cold Rolled Steel Strip - The process route explained

Basically, what are cold rolled Steel strips?

 Essentially cold rolled steel is a form of hot rolled Steel, it has to go for further processing.

 Once the hot rolled steel is cooled at room temperature called annealing, or by a cold reduction mills. It is then rerolled to achieve the father exact dimension and better surface quality. Cold-rolled steel is often used to refer to describe the finishing processes required sheets, which undergoes high compression and pressure.

 After that cold-rolled strips are subjected to Annealing, rolling to get the perfect dimension and well surface sheets of cold-rolled Steel strips.

 Generally speaking, the cold treated products are superior in surface finishing, tolerance, higher rigidity when compared to, hot rolled steel stripes. In the cold rolling process hot rolled steel is passed between the two sheets of thick rollers. The Grain structure gets deformed into elongated form, its grains structure in the direction of the roller.  

We will never see the oxidation on the surface of cold-rolled types as it is good in surface finishing. Cold rolling steel is achieved with many processes like cold rolling, cold driving, cold forging, and cold extrusion. After the formation of cold-rolled steel stripes further, it is shaped like blanking, piercing, trimming, and slitting, embossing to achieve the desired product for industrial uses.

Cold rolled steel also called cold drawing steel is well fished with close,accurate dimensions, and glossy finished. It is used for close dimension finishing, the sheets and blocks obtained are very hard, tough, high tolerance, and heavy in comparison to hot rolled steel. These types are available in the form of grade C 55, C 80, and many more grades made available by the Steel Corporation of India.

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