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Hardened and Tempered Steel Strip 

Hardened and Tempered Steel Stripes which is a derived form of Steel,  made after rigorous heating treatment and tempering high Carbon Steel,  which gradually results in strengthening  it more, towards its enhanced workability and uses, the end product result of which is called hardened or tempered steel strips. 

Steel Corporation is the leading manufacturer and stockiest of Harden and tempered Steel strips across India and is globally established.

Initially what we called Cold rolled stripe Steel strip, get converted to the highest of its strength, enhanced properties of hardened or the tempered Steel stripe types. After it is hardened and tempered for specific required properties by heating and cooling in furnaces.

When high Carbon Steel is passed through heat treatment (usually between 800 to 900 degree) Celsius then quenching followed by tempering. All these processes result in the metastable martensitic grain structure accumulation of Steel.

These hardened steel strips are best used where the need for severe bending and forming is not required. We at Steel Corporation India are in the job of creating the best wide range Steel stripes as per the requirement, measurement, thickness, tolerance of various needs, and premium standards by the numerous products required by the clients. 

Benefits of hardened and tempered steel strip are as following

At Steel Corporation of India these hardened Steel strips are manufactured with the latest and best art technology to ensure no part distortions, formidable in surface finishing, it has constant Mechanical properties, possesses a maximum degree of toughness and uniformity, clean and smooth surface, perfect workability due to splendid flatness, superior Spring and cutting properties, and after all, it is very resistant to shock of heavy machines. 

  • No part distortion
  • Constant mechanical properties
  • Uniform surface finish
  • No risk of surface decarburizing

These are manufactured using modern and state of the art technology to assure:

  • Uniform Hardness
  • Excellent Malleability
  • Resistance to Shock
  • Optimum degree of toughness
  • Superior Spring and Cutting Properties
  • Uniform, clean and smooth surface finish
  • Perfect workability due to splendid flatness

Parts made from Annealed strips Parts made from hardened and tempered strips
Blanking /stamping /forming Blanking /stamping /forming
Hardening and tempering
Rework and Inspection
Ready parts Ready parts


Steel Grade : C-75 or C-80
Edges : One Round or Both Round
Surface : Bright or Blue Polished
Camber : 2mm maximum in 2 meter length
Hardnes : as per requirement


Carbon : 0.75 - 0.85 %
Manganese : 0.60 - 0.90 %
Silicon : 0.35% Max
Sulphur : 0.04% Max
Phosphorus : 0.4% Max
Hardness : 45-48 HRC
Tensile Strength : 145-160 kg/mm2

Hardened and Tempered Steel is Used to Making Hand Tools

We are using hardened and tempered Steel strips to create various hand tools, Garden Tools, and hobby tools, enormously in our day to day work and farming industry.

These hard and tempered Steel strips  are used to create  sophisticated tools of good flatness, excellent surface finishing, and burr-free edges, to produce quality hand tools.

This types of hardened and tempered steel stripe are again made from cold-rolled steel stripes, then customized specification are made from medium and high carbon steel strips to create some of the gorgeous hand tools use my labours in everyday life, Steel Corporation of India  is producing these types in the Steel grade of C60, C65, C75, and C80 with all specification and required measurements as per the client’s need.

 We also get the hardened and tempered spring Steel for collapsible background shades of superior quality in grade C65, C75, or C80 as required.  We power many industries by supplying good quality hardened steel stripe to create quality tools that are used by great convenience and safety, with joy and labour productivity at work.  

Some examples of figure tips
To create different farming and gardening tools like a sickle, grass cutter, sickle, hammer, wood saw blades.
It is used at the grinding blades of crushing rocks for drilling purposes.
To create collapsible background shades, roller of shutters, or bands for a saw.
We are using far more advanced technology to create superior, efficient, and shockproof products of hardened and tempered steel stripes at Steel Corporation of India and are well admired by customer care in this field. 


Steel Grade : C-65, C-75 or C-80
Edges : Both Round
Surface : Grey, Briqht or Blue Polished
Camber : 2mm maximum in 2 meter length
Hardness : as per requirement

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