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How Steel Become a Central Metal in Material World?

Steel is the most popular and essential metal in the world and considered as the most versatile and available different types of grades and shapes. Steel comes in three types of variation i.e. Mild steel, Carbon steel and stainless steel. In which mild steel is the cheapest of all three variations and been highly used in commercial and industrial areas. Mild steel has a large number of properties which makes it the most widely used material in the world. It can be welded, pulled and is highly durable. 

Mild steel can get rusted easily and can be prevented by applying a thin coat of paint of grease or oil which helps to prevent the metal surface from being exposed to the atmosphere. It is used in everyday objects ranging from mild steel plates to the chassis of automobiles to motorbike frames to huge pipelines in the industry. The projects require a high amount of metal prefer to select mild steel. 

Carbon Steel
The steel which does not have any amount of alloying percentage in it called carbon steel. This type is steel is formed by adding carbon to iron in order to lend the strength to the resulting metal. Subject to the level of carbon, these steel comes in 4 varied different forms that range from ultra-high, high, medium and low carbon steels. These four varied types used information of different applications in the making of steel strips or flat-rolled sheets and in manufacturing of ships, automobile parts, wire products and widely used information of home appliances. Carbon steel pipe fittings are a common item used in several industrial applications.
Stainless Steel
The most popular type of steel the metal have an anti-corrosive property and ensure the existence of hygiene with high safety in all domestic application and other formation. Stainless steel is a common feature of all domestic kitchens with the addition of a large number of other cookware products. Numerous elements such as nickel, chromium, molybdenum are used in the making of stainless steel.
There are four major types of stainless steel available in the market i.e. austenitic, ferrite, martensitic and duplex steel. Each individual carries and hold different property completely differ from one another according to the applications for they have been used in different forms. As such they go into the making of a wide range of household products, constructional structures, industrial piping and vessels, architectural facades, paper and pulp industry

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