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What is Annealing and its Main Effect on Steel Strips?

Annealing of Steel: Annealing is a type of heat treatment given to numerous metals and mostly steel. Annealing steel involves heating it to a specific temperature and allowing it to cool at a specified rate. It is done mainly to mollify the internal strain generated by either cold-working the material or by quenching it (rapidly cooled in oil or water).

Main Reason for Annealing:
In general, the main purpose of annealing heat treatment is to soften the steel metal, remove the stresses and synthesize the structure of the steel strips. Annealing steel strips is a process due to which properties of the steel strip are upgraded to meet machinability requirements. It also alters the properties of steel to increase its ductility and to make it more functional.

Effect of Annealing Steel Strips:
It is a process which results into transformation or partial transformation of steel strips. Doing so removes impurities in the metal grain, increasing its elasticity and reducing its rigidity. Annealing also prepares the steel for further heat treatment.

The main effect of the Annealing Process :

  • Induces ductility
  • Improves toughness
  • Softens the steel
  • Relieves internal stresses
  • Makes it a consistent and uniform structure

Although Annealing of steel strips leaves the metal softer and not as resistant to wear and corrosion, it makes the metal much less prone to fragile fracture and less likely to crumble due to force.

Main Application:
Annealed steel strips are purposeful in a wide range of steel products including, pen clips, hairpins, agriculture sickles, automotive parts, chains and links, fasteners, horticulture tools, clutches, plastic and paper cutting blades, hobby knives.

Steel Corporation manufacturer and exporter:
Steel Corporation is an architect in the expanding steel industry as a manufacturer and exporter of steel strips, in India. Steel Corporation has been known to assure customers the highest quality standards, catering them for generations.

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