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Common Uses of Hardened Steel Strips

Hardened Steel Strips


Hardened steel is a medium of hard plain carbon steel that goes through a process where it is heated, quenched, and then heated again. Components that are made of this steel have a robust core and a hard exterior casing and can be used for things like:

  • Cardan joints 
  • Camshafts
  • Driving pinions
  • Link components 
  • Axels
  • Arbours


Hardened spring steel is used for general mechanical engineering, transportation, and energy generation. The process of heating, quenching, and reheating is how hardened spring steel strips are made.


But also note that hardened spring steel strips are not synonymous with annealed or tempered strips. The process of making hardened spring steel sets it apart from the other types.


All the different types of steel strips can be bought from Steel Corp as they are the leading manufacturers and exporters of these strips. They have multiple checks for quality so you can be sure you are getting the best.

Why Hardened Steel Strips?

  • Wear Resistant

Hardened steel is resistant to shock, high-impact pressure, rough usage, and wear. It is used to make plates for rock processing, crushers, surgical instruments, nozzles, steel balls, and power shuffles. When steel that has enough chromium goes through heat treatment, it gets hard and forms chromium carbide particles which is why the wear resistance of the steel alloy is high. If the steel has a higher amount of chromium carbide and a higher concentration of carbo, the wear-resistance properties are enhanced. 


  • Corrosion

Corrosion costs money as it affects metallic surfaces and materials used in the industry. Hardened steel is resistant to potable water, corrosive chemical environments, and also atmospheric corrosion. This steel is further applied with a corrosion-resistant coating to enhance these properties.


  • Abrasion

Hardened steel has is able to withstand punching and drilling while also being resistant to severe sliding abrasion. These properties enable hardened steel to be used in making troughs, hoppers, crushers, highway truck beds, conveyors, and also for hard-rock mining and aggregate quarries. 


This is why hardened steel is a popular choice in the field of construction. And if you’re looking for a manufacturer of these strips, Steel Corp is the best option. They are the leading manufacturers and exporters of steel strips, and they do multiple checks to ensure premium quality. You can simply never go wrong if Steel Corp is your choice for steel strips. 

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