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Why Steel Corporation is the preferred Hardened and Tempered Steel Strips Manufacturer

Steel Corp is the leading steel strip manufacturer in India and they are also the leading, tempered steel strip exporter. They are a family-owned business that began in the year 1972, and over the years, the effort that they put in to get credibility with customers and suppliers across the world has paid off with the excellent reputation that they have today. 


Their aim is to supply strips of the highest quality while providing the best service to their customers. They are a CRISIL rated company and are ISO 9001 certified, and have written procedures for jobs and in-house testing facilities. 


These include the latest regularly calibrated dimensions measurings instrument, microscope and muffle furnace, spectrometer, and Rockwell and Vickers hardness testers. They have storage space that is 45,000 square feet so that they can ensure that there is adequate stock of all materials and sizes with all the grades being maintained. 


Steel Corp also has a shearing press, edge skiving line, loop narrow cut to line length, and an in-house three precision loop slitting line. They have also partnered with premium steel supplies in India and across the globe so that they can make sure that high-quality strips get supplied at the time that is required. 


These aspects are bound to explain why they are the best steel strip manufacturer in India and the fact that they are also a tempered steel strips exporter. What’s more, is that all of their supplies are checked regularly and carefully with their in-house testing facility, as mentioned earlier, while also maintaining traceability and ensure certification for all supplies. 


They are a cold-rolled steel strip, tempered steel strip, annealed steep strip, and hardened steel strips manufacturer. With all these materials, they also ensure that there is a proper system to label all the materials for grades, size, as well as quality.


This shows how they ensure the customer is never disappointed but is always satisfied through the performance excellence that they display. Steel Corp also understands that they need to constantly improve the quality of all the products and services that they offer so that they can achieve their vision.


The management also makes an effort to supply the best tools for the company’s success. All these reasons are what make Steel Corp a leading manufacturer and exporter of steel strips. 

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