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Where is tempered steel used?

There isn't much difference between actual raw steel and tempered steel. They both have the same ratio of carbon and iron. However, tempered steel strips or just tempered steel is made for specific manufacturing requirements. 


So how is it made? The process to make tempered steel starts with heating steel below the melting point. Different grades of metal, iron and alloy are then tempered. Once this step is completed, the steel is left aside to cool at the right and precise temperature. Cooling the same will improve the overall strength of the steel. Many industries are also tempered steel strips exporter while at the same time tempering steel as per the required grade. The manufacturer tempered steel strip can be used for different applications such as tools, saw, springs and can be tailored to the customer's need.


Uses of Tempered Steel


Tempered steel strips are manufactured in different steel grades. The application of the steel differs in terms of their grade. However, most of the applications are for plants and heavy machinery.


Here is a list of applications where tempered steel is used:


  • Manufacturer tempered steel strip are often used for building bridges and taller buildings.
  • Mining and moving earth are two processes that require tempered steel.
  • Build storage tanks and dumper trucks.
  • It acts as a durable and robust cutting edge for masonry tools like saws and drills.
  • Gears and deflector plates are also made using tempered steel.
  • Welding also uses tempered steel since it reduces the chance of developing cracks.


Tempered steel strips exporter also provide customized services for making automotive parts, agricultural tools, blades for cutting marble, paper, knives, coil spring amongst different industrial uses.






Other metals can also be tempered and be made stronger. However, steel stands superior when it comes to strength and durability. Tempered Steel can take high amounts of pressure and stress for bending, forming, or other drilling processes. It is crucial to understand the different grades of steel for the best application of the same. Steel can also be continuously sharpened in the case of saw and knives for increasing efficiency.

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