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Where is hardened steel used?

As the name suggests, hardened steel is a type of steel, that undergoes high heating treatment to increase its strength and durability usually using carbon. Hence, hardened steel is used for making heavy-duty machinery. Hardened steel, in comparison to standard steel, also offers more durable solutions. 


One of the main benefits of hardening steel is the abuse it can take in weight and a suitable resistor of corrosion. 


Hardened steel strip manufacturer uses two processes for hardening steel; quenching and tempering, and undergoing the process results in a more robust foundation of the steel and a stronger casing on the outside. Therefore, making it crack resistance even under tonnes of pressure. 


Benefits of Hardened Steel


Hardened steel or hardened spring steel is better than standard steel and other types of steel in many ways:


  • Firstly, hardened spring steel strips are resistant to extreme conditions and usage. Hardened steel has a significant amount of carbon concentration that enables it to have a higher and extended wear-resisting property.
  • Since hardened steel is used for industrial purposes, it is also made to have high resistance from chemicals present in the environment that can lead to corrosion. While hardening steel, the rust-resistant coating is added.
  • The longevity of hardened spring steel strips increases twice that of standard steel. 


Uses of Hardened Steel


Hardened steel strip manufacturer makes hardened steel for a varied number of uses. Most of them are used in our everyday lives as well:


  • Door locks and padlocks are made from hardened spring steel.
  • Gym equipment and other sports equipment. Mostly, the bolts are made from hardened steel because of the pressure of using such tools.
  • Knives, crowbars, shovels, blenders all have hardened steel.
  • Car suspension, hammer, wrenches, drillers and other power tools.
  • Bicycle frames and bike chains.




Hardened steel has a long list of uses. One can find hardened steel in almost any metal object at home. They may be coated different and with different grades of metal such as carbon or alloys. However, from sewing needles to knives, from firearms to ball bearings, hardened steel is present in all.

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