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What’s the difference between hot Rolled, and the Cold Rolled Steel?

Have you ever wondered about different steel stripes and their industrial uses?

Ok, forget it! Why is that, some steel’s look, finishing, and hardness are varied than others?

There comes subsequent steel forms, but hot rolled and cold rolled are the two prominent ones. Depending on the uses and their nature, there comes varied uses of hot or tempered steel stripes and the cold-rolled steel stripes or annealed steel. These two forms of steel are like the backbone of the sheet metal industry and machining world.

Steel stripes Features, Making, and their respective uses.


Hot Rolled Steel Stripes

Process of making

When steel blocks are first heated at recrystallizing temperature or 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Then big sheets are passed in between heavy rollers where we get the blocks or sheets of the desired shape, size, and thickness through different dyes. The name itself indicates its formation and hence this steel is called hot rolled steel. After hot rolling the recrystallization of grain takes place and elongated grains are obtained.

The uses of Hot Rolled Steel

The main uses of hot rolled steel are in building and infrastructure projects. The main demerit of this type is that it tends to get a little shrinkage after cooling and thus is used mainly in big projects of architecture where dimensions are of little importance, and strength is the main consideration. Hot rolled steel is also economic compared to the cold rolled.

Cold Rolled Steel Stripes

Making of cold Rolled Steel

The hot rolled steel itself is used, and the predefined hot rolled steel is cooled at room temperature through the annealing process. Then the steel is cooled after attaining the critical temperature through either air cooling or furnace cooling very gradually and slowly till the room temperature. The product received is not in proper shape and finished with accurate cold-rolled steel.

Uses of Cold Rolled Steel

The uses of cold-rolled steel or annealed steel are vast in the field of machinery parts, automobile industries. This steel is a very good finished product and needs some extra process to make, and is hence costlier than hot rolled steel. Cold rolled steel is strong, accurate, finished, and high in concentricity for tough machine uses. It is used for close tolerance dimensions accuracy in machining components.

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