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What are Properties and Applications of Medium Carbon Steel?

Medium carbon steel contains carbon content of 0.30% to 0.80%, amid the assembling procedure to make a medium or mid-run steel product. This particular scope of carbon is joined with a procedure of extinguishing i.e. cooling the steel from the external surface to the internal and then treating it to make a structure that has reliable rigidity all through the body. Medium-carbon steel depicts a good balance of tensile strength, ductility and malleability and has good resistance to roughness. The uses for medium-carbon steel are characterized by the necessity for high flexibility and elasticity despite its fragility and brittleness.

You will find medium-carbon steels used for forgings, automotive parts and large machine parts.

  • Pivot shafts, crankshafts and equipping plates are manufactured using medium-carbon steel. The elasticity of the steel assists it to be modified and shaped into thin shafts or toothed plates without ruining its elasticity.

  • The malleability of the medium-carbon steel helps it to be formed into plates for boilers and different tanks that have closely pressurized elements. Medium-carbon steel cannot be used for pressurized tank frameworks that contain cold fluids or gasses. Tempered steel or other high carbon steels are utilized for those sorts of utilizations.

  • Railway wheels, autos and other steel parts are made of medium-carbon steel. The high rigidity is important to withstand the changing power of the rail autos on the rails.

  • Auxiliary steel pillars, joiner plates and different equipment are related to building structures that require a high rigidity to oppose the twisting and weight of structures and blocks. Exclusive care must be taken to shield the steel to keep it from being affected by the extremity of warmth and cool.

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