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Understand Hardened Spring steel Processing

In this article, we will be looking at the process that leads to getting hardened spring steel strips. This process is done because heating steel allows the physical properties of the metal to be changed. These strips can now be used in very specific areas of application.


Hardened Spring Steel

Spring steel alloys are used because the unique characteristic they have enables the metal to withstand extremely bending or twisting forces without being distorted. The products made from such an alloy can be twisted, extended, compressed, or bent continuously, but they will return to the original shape with ease and with no distortion or deformation of the metal.


This is because of the hardening of the steel alloy that gives high yield strength. This can be achieved by work hardening or hardening by heat treatment. 


It is important to understand that the steel’s composition and temperature are what is important to either harden or soften the steel. The final result of how hard or not hard the metal is, is entirely dependent on the amount of carbon that is found in it. Only steel that has a high quality of carbon can be tempered or hardened. If there is not enough carbon, then the crystalline structure of the metal cannot be broken, so the steel cannot be altered. 


The term hardening is many times associated with tempering. This is because both the processes are very similar, but hardening has one additional step in it. The process begins with the steel being hardened so that it does not wear before time. The only issue with this is that the process can leave the steel brittle, and it can break over time. Tempering, on the other hand, improves the overall product, but it reduces the hardness making it less brittle. 


Hardening is a process where the metal is heated below the melting point and then cooled. This is precisely what happens in tempering, but in hardening, it is reheated once again. This results in the core of the meral being robust, and the exterior ends up having a hard casing. Hardened spring steel is used in general mechanical engineering most often. 


The hardness of the metal that is achieved during this process is why it is used. The hardened spring steel strips that you get from this process are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and wear and tear, thereby making them very durable. The best way to test if the metal is hardened is to take a metal file to it. The metal will be proved to be hardened if the file bounces off with no damage whatsoever. 



Hardened steel is therefore used for the hardness and durability that it offers for areas like general mechanical engineering. Steel Corporation is the best manufacturer of steel strips in the country, but they also export tempered steel strips across the globe. Their quality is unmatched, and the service and products they offer are the best in the country.

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