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Is Tempered Steel Strong Enough?

Steel is a very common metal used in construction and other such projects because of the toughness that it offers. In this article, we will look at tempered steel strips, their benefits, why they are tempered, and more about these tempered steel strips.


Steel Corp is a family-owned business that started out in the year 1972. They have grown immensely and are a reputed manufacturer tempered steel strip. They are also a tempered steel strips exporter, and their quality is unmatched. 

Tempered Steel

Tempered steel has a very specific ratio of iron to carbon, making it an iron alloy. It has the same amount of carbon and iron that you would find in conventional steel, but there is a superior level of strength that it offers, making it the best choice for manufacturing certain applications. 


This is steel that has been treated with heat at around 2,500 Fahrenheit that is below its melting point, after which it is cooled. This way, the roughness, hardness, and strength of the steel are increased as the physical properties change when it gets heated and cooled in this manner. 


This steel has been around for many centuries, and it was used to make bladed weapons like katanas in feudal Japan. The process then would involved slathering clay on certain parts of it, heating it in a furnace, and then putting it in water to cool.


While newer processes have emerged, the concept has remained the same that is heating it to a temperature that is below the melting point and then cooling the metal. The tempering determines how much of the hardness gets removed from the metal, and the rate of this is higher when the temperature is also higher.

Why Tempered Steel?

As mentioned, the metal is tempered so that the right material properties are seen for application. These include:

  • Reduction of hardness while toughness is increased. Note that tough material will resist chipping on impact, whereas a hard material will fracture before it bends as it resists indentation.
  • Ductility is another aspect that is increased, meaning that the form can be changed without it breaking.
  • It also has a greater resistance to any wear and tear that could take place. 
  • Machineability is also increased, and this is something that helps if there is a need for further work to be done on the steel.


The main benefit of this sort of steel is its strength. When steel is heated and cooled in this manner, its strength increases, and it can withstand great force without being deformed in any manner. It is excellent for high-stress applications as it is more resistant to wear and tear.


Tempered steel is extremely tough and therefore is a metal that is preferred. As mentioned, we recommend Steel Corp if you’re looking for an excellent manufacturer tempered steel strip. They are a business that is highly trusted in the industry, and they are even a tempered steel strips exporter.

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