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How many different types of steel strips are there?

Steel is a metal alloy that is used for various construction projects, and the application is usually wherever strong metal is needed. In this article, we will look at a few types of these carbon steel strips and what sets them apart from each other.

Steel Strips

Before talking about the types of steel strips, we need to talk about what they are. Steel strips are also known as cold rolled strips and are made from a pickled hot-rolled strip. The coil gets reduced by a cold roll steel mill, in a tandem mill, or a reversing mill and then reduced to the final thickness. Since these are alloys of iron and carbon, you can also call them carbon steel strips.


The final product is basically steel cut into strips of specified widths and later coiled for delivery and then usage.

Tempered Steel Strips

Tempered steel is steel that has been treated with heat below the melting point, at about 2,500 Fahrenheit and then cooled. This is how there is an increase in the strength, roughness and hardness of the steel. This is because there is bound to be a change in the physical properties of steel when it gets heated and then cooled.


The tempering of the metal will also determine how much of the hardness is removed from the meal, and this is determined by how high the temperatures are. This metal is durable, ductile, resistant to wear and tear and also has higher machinability.


Hardened Steel Strips

Tempering is much like hardening, and they are often associated together. Hardening happens when plain carbon steel undergoes heat treatment, gets cooled, and then is reheated further. This means that the products have a hard casing on the exterior, and the core is robust. This is a type of metal that is used in general mechanical engineering.


Hardened steel is used because of how strong it is. It is also highly corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, resistant to wear and is very durable. One of the tests of hardened steel involves rubbing a file across the metal. If the metal is hardened, the file will bounce off with no damage, thereby demonstrating how strong it is.


Annealed Steel Strips

Annealing steel refers to heating it to a very specific temperature and then allowing it to cool down at a very controlled rate. This process reduces hardness, increases ductility and also removes impurities.


This is a process that is used in industrial applications where the requirement is that the metal should be of the highest quality. It was a process seen in the making of katanas, but today, the process has been enhanced with machinery and the durability is seen in various industrial metals.


If you’re looking for a manufacturer of these cold rolled strips, we recommend Steel Corp, a family-owned business. They are also exporters of this metal, and you cannot go wrong with the quality of their metal strips. 

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