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How are Steel Strips Made?

Strip steel is a metal that is non-creeping and non-shrinking at ambient temperatures and is a steel that is uniform and lightweight. It is easy to install, transport, and fabricate while being available in different tempers. Your formability needs determine the proper temper for your project. This makes strip steel a material that is used for many construction projects for its durability and all the reasons mentioned above. 


Strip steel is also called cold rolled steel strip, and this is a steel product that is made from a hot rolled strip that has been pickled and then reduced by a single stand cold roll steel mill. This can either be done in a reverse mill, a tandem mill with multiple single stands in a series, or even right away. 


The strip then gets reduced to the final thickness with the inclusion of an annealing operation at an intermediate thickness to facilitate further cold reduction, is cold-rolled directly or to obtain all the mechanical properties that are desired in the finished product. 


Additional annealing and cold reduction operations are needed for high carbon strip steel. The coil is slit to the desired width after this by the process of roll slitting. The final product after all these processes results in cold rolled steel that then gets cut to specific widths and then is coiled for delivery. They are also generally interleaved with a material like paper to protects the surface finish of the metal and also assists in retaining oil or a solution to prevent rust. 


There are three common types of cold rolled steel strips:

Annealed steel strips: This involves a process where the metal is heated to or near the critical temperature, after which it is very slowly cooled to room temperature in an oven.


Hardened steel strips: Here, while the metal is undergoing a process for hardening, the metal gets heated into an austenitic crystal phase, after which it gets cooled quickly. 


Tempered steel strips: This is done when the metal alloy is reheated to a temperature below the critical temperature, and it is held there for a while and then again cooled. 


Steel Corp is an excellent manufacturer of all sorts of steel strips, cold rolled strips, annealed steel strips, tempered steel strips, and hardened steel strips. They are a family-owned business that was established in 1972 and is unmatched in quality.

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