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How are steel strips made?

Steel strips come in either hot-rolled or cold-rolled as per the requirement of the customer. They are also available in other forms that cater to different industrial needs. Annealed steel strips manufacturer provides options for these strips to be used in a wide range of appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and even building construction.


The process of making steel strips takes precision and is quite comprehensive. 


Having suitable raw materials in place is the first step towards the process. Steel strips are particularly thin and are made from the finest selection of steel. 


Here is the process on how annealed steel strip manufacturer get the end product:


  • The first step, as mentioned earlier, is acquiring suitable materials for the highest quality strips. Many steel strip manufacturer in India provides original raw materials with different grades for producing precisely thin but strong steel strips.
  • The second step in the process involves rewinding the steel strip to ensure the parts are not damaged in the production or transportation process. The rewinding machine allows manufacturers to check for any wear and tear in the steel strip. 
  • To achieve the thickness of the steel strip, a cold rolling machine is used to get the specific requirement.
  • Another extensive process is annealing the steel strip. The process involves heating the steel to get the desired strength requirements and provide the most robust strip for varied applications.
  • The entire manufacturing process may involve the usage or application of grease. Therefore, it is crucial to remove and degrease the end product. For this, hot alkaline rinsing is done on the strips.


After the steps, the strips go through levelling the tension to get the best results.



The steel strip is known to have a higher tolerance than standard steel because of the extensive process. The strips do not shrink even at high temperatures and offer the maximum durability required by most industrial needs.


Steel strip manufacturer in India provides a wide range of steel strips options to customers. They also cater to their requirements in terms of cold or hot rolled steel strips and different grades. 

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