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Different types of Steel Strips

Steel strips are used for a wide range of applications and are found in day to day appliances. They are processed or manufactured using different types of metals, such as carbon and alloy. Some are tempered and hardened to increase the overall quality and durability in their entirety. Steel strips are also made using different types of steel grades depending on the requirement of the customer. 


However, the most commonly used steel strips are cold rolled steel strips, tempered steel strips, hardened steel strips and carbon steel strips. 


Types and Uses of Steel Strips 


Different types of steel strips cater to different mechanical and industrial purposes. Cold rolled steel strips are manufactured mainly with carbon steel and chrome steel with different level grades. The type of steel strip makes it suitable for most applications. However, it is commonly found in refrigerators, water tanks, washing machines, dishwashers, automobile parts, among the many. Cold rolled strips are made to acquire a specific amount of hardening to avoid cracking in the future.


  • Tempered steel strips have high tensile strength and are commonly processed with carbon. Tempered strips undergo a comprehensive heating process to get the precise amount of hardening and strengthening it for use. They are also available in different grades and are used widely for producing coil springs, masonry tools like saw, gardening tools, washers, automobile parts, saw blades, knives, valve plates and much more.


  • Hardened steel strips are not too different from tempered. Hardening steel also involves heating the metal to high temperatures to achieve the desired thickness and strength. Hardened steel strips are also widely used in automobile parts, door springs, padlocks, and more.


  • Carbon steel strips have a high degree of hardness and have an excellent resistance to wear and corrosion. They are usually processed with iron to increase their strength. They are used in electrical appliances, steel equipment in offices and automobile parts.




The different types of steel strips undergo a similar process to increase their overall quality and strength. Most of them have similar applications and are made as per the requirement of the customer’s need. 

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