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Difference between Cold Rolled, Tempered and Hardened Steel Strips

Steel is a very common metal alloy that many prefer for construction work and basically any area of application where the metal is required to be strong. Steel strips are therefore used, and there are many uses for it. In this article, we will be looking at three types of steel strips, that is cold rolled, tempered, and hardened strips.


Cold Rolled Steel Strips

Cold rolled steel strips are also called steel strips. This is because they are made with a pickled hot-rolled strip. The fact that they are called strips points to what they are. A reversing mill, cold roll steel mill, or a tandem mill is where the coil gets reduced. Once this is done, the strips are once again reduced to the final thickness that is required.


These are known as carbon steel strips as well at times since they are alloys that are made from carbon and alloy. The final product that you get after all the procedures are done gets cut into strips into very specific widths. This is then coiled later on for delivery and then used.


Tempered Steel Strips

When steel gets treated with heat that comes at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, below the melting point, and then it is cooled, you get tempered steel strips. This is to increase the roughness, strength, and the hardness of the steel for construction in various places. The reason why this happens is because when steel gets heated and then cooled, there is bound to be a change in its physical properties.  


The tempering of the metal is something that also determines the hardness that gets removed from the metal. This comes from how high the temperatures are when it’s getting heated up. The metal that comes from this process has higher machinability, is ductile, durable, and is very resistant to any wear and tear.


Hardened Steel Strips

Tempering often gets associated with hardening because of how similar the processes are. Hardening is a process where the plain carbon steel gets heat treatment, is cooled, and then reheated once again. This is done to have the core be robust and the exterior to have a hard casing. The hardened steel strips you get here are used in general mechanical engineering. 


Hardened steel, as the name suggests, is strong, and this is one of the reasons it is used. It is durable, abrasion and corrosion-resistant and also resistant to wear and tear. Rubbing a file across the metal is a very common way to test hardened steel. The file will bounce off with no damage whatsoever if the metal is hardened. This is a very clear demonstration of the strength of the metal.



If you’re looking for a manufacturer of these different types of steel strips, we recommend Steel Corp. Not only do they manufacture, but they also import steel. This way, you know that they make the best quality steel strips, and you can’t go wrong with their products.

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