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Common uses of Tempered Steel Strips

Steel strips are of different types and are chosen based on formability requirements. Tempered steep strips are one such type, and here, the carbon trapped in the metal’s microstructure gets dispersed, allowing a release of internal stresses that usually come from operations done on the metal previously. 


The application of these steel strips includes but is not limited to the following:

Non-ferrous metal cutting, tubes, circular saws and spiral coil springs, drop pins for textile industries, forge hammer belts, compressor valve plates, textile and jute mill accessories, springs and spring washers, horn diaphragms, brake components, clutch plates, leather splitting knives, paper industries, doctor blades, pit saws, crosscut saws, hand saws, wood cutting band saws, marble cutting, gang saw blades, masonry, agricultural tools, wood-working saws, automobile clutches and more.


Let’s talk about how you get tempered steel strips in the first place. The process begins by elevating the metal to a specific temperature point that is below the critical temperature. This is generally done after a hardening operation, and after this, the metal is held at that temperature for a while. The temperature depends on factors like the mechanical factors desired, steel type, and others.


A few different devices are used to create this heat that is needed to raise the temperature of the steel just below the critical point. Induction furnaces, electrical furnaces, or gas furnaces may be used, and it is often completed with inert gas or inside a vacuum to avoid oxidisation. Once this is done, a dwell time takes place, and after this, the steel cools as the furnace gets turned off.


Why this process is done is for those that need a solid combination of strength and hardness in the steel. When carbon is allowed to diffuse within the microstructure of the steel, it resists strength issues or brittleness that may happen on either side of the spectrum of hardness. This process also improves the machinability and formability of the steel while lowering the risk of failing after internal stresses or cracking.


The place to go where you can get such strips is Steel Corporation. They are a family-owned business that began in 1972, and years of experience has led to them being the leading manufacturers and exporters of these metal strips. Quality is a definite guarantee with Steel Corporation, and you can never go wrong purchasing steel strips from them.

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