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Best Steel Strips Manufacturer in India

Steel strips are a product made from a hot rolled strip of metal. These strips are used in various construction projects and any place that requires hard steel. While there are many in India that sell these, we will look at the best steel strip manufacture in India.


Steel Strips Manufacturers in India

Here are a few of the best manufacturers of these strips in India.


  • Steel Corp

Steel Corp is a family-owned business that began in 1972, and they are today exporters of all steel. They are a hardened, tempered, and annealed steel strips manufacturer. They supply high-quality steel and provide excellent service. They are certified and have written procedures and in-house required testing facilities. Full traceability is also maintained with everything that they manufacture. They offer customization for all their customers according to what they want.


  • Salem Steels

Saleem Steel Industries has over 21 years of experience and a wide range of fasteners, pipe-fittings, non-ferrous metals, alloy steel, carbon steel, as well as stainless steel. They offer Teflon fasteners as well, and they offer customisation as well. Their products are available in the different shapes of strips, coils, angles, wires, plates, sheets, rods, tubes, and pipes.


  • Hoops and Strips

Hoops and Strips was incorporated in 1974 as an exporter and manufacturer of items like aluminium strips, steel plates, and also strapping plates. They are known for the durability, quality, and functioning of their products. They have a philosophy of customer service being great along with product excellence, and they have grown into a multi-product business. 


  • Jainex Steel & Metal

Jainex Steel & Metal was established in 1944 and are traders and suppliers of nickel alloy coil, nickel alloy strip, stainless steel shim, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel coil, stainless steel strip, etc. These products are made from alloys like nickel, stainless steel and other such materials. The products are also customisable according to the needs of the clients with size, finishes, and also materials.


  • Ferrite Structural Steels Private Limited

Ferrite Structural Steels Private Limited is an organisation that is engaged in the distribution, service provision, trading, wholesaling and manufacturing of various steel products. They manufacture the products with optimum grade steel and by the quality norms set by their experts. They have an infrastructure facility that is well-developed. 


  • Steel Mart

Steel Mart was begun in the year 1986 and are distributors, suppliers, retailers, traders, exporters, and manufacturer of stainless steel, carbon steel springs, steel alloy, steel die, steel tools, etc. They make products that are customised and also according to the trends and changes of today. They also have a marketing and manufacturing unit of lamination and silicon sheets.


We hope that this article has helped you pick a manufacturer that will give you the metal strips of steel according to what you want. As mentioned, we recommend Steel Corp as being the best steel strip manufacturer in India. They are a reputed business and are also an annealed steel strips manufacturer. 

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