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Annealed Steel, and Hardened Steel and Their Uses

Can you figure out what type of steel will you need for your next project?

Do you know the properties of steel changes drastically after the heating?

What types of steel are obtained thereafter?

Simply at first glimpse, every steel stripe seems similar. But there is a classification of the steel as per their nature and uses. As below- 

C 80 Annealed steel stripes-

It is a high carbon steel stripe with a Martensite grain structure. This grade of steel is popularly known as annealed spring steel strip, cold-rolled steel stripe, or unhardened steel stripe. This allows the item to return to any shape as required despite significant bending and twisting after hardening and tempering.

This steel has a very good forming feature but very weak drawing features. This grade of steel is used where fatigue value and elastic limits are critical. It is also used at places where hardness, toughness, and strength is required. Like making of –

 Flat springs, dowel pins, various types of fastener, automotive clutch plates, cutting blades, agricultural implements, chain parts, and many textile parts.

 C 80 Hardened and tempered steel stripes- 

This steel is often known as hardened and tempered steel stripes or some time it’s called blue tempered stripe. This type of stripe possesses martensitic grain structure in shape formation of grains and are of high tensile strength.

Making of this steel stripe is by passing them through heated furnaces and parts produced are uniform in shapes, equally hardness, and flatness.  These hardened stripes are sheared edges, grey finished, brightly polished, or blue blast in it. Its thickness varies between 0.025mm to 25mm of width. C80 being standard size grades C75 and c98 are also available on client requirements in Steelcorp. Company.

The uses of this Tempered or heated steel are enormous like-

Many sorts of power springs, woodcutting band saw blades, gardening tools, clock springs, clutch parts, door closure springs, valve plates, and compressor parts, etc.

Both the above-mentioned types of steel stripes have their salient feature as per their industrial uses and requirements.

Our company the Steelcorp. Is serving the vast happy clientele since 1972, and is leading the industry of steel stripes majestically. Our flagship company is dealing with reputed establishments and long market horses. It’s always joyful in sharing some knowledge of steel and its manufacturing use, for our profitable business. 

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